Clinical Study

Hearing loss sometimes happens in one ear out of a sudden. It may also be accompanied by a pressure sensation or ringing in the ear, or dizziness. In cases of acute hearing loss, also known as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL), ENT doctors may advise to start treatment as soon as possible.

In milder cases, hearing may return spontaneously but a more severe hearing loss can quickly become permanent. Therefore, an early treatment is recommended.

Steroids are widely used to treat acute hearing loss and are recommended by guidelines worldwide. However, they have not been approved by health authorities because it has not yet been shown sufficiently how effective steroids are in the treatment of acute hearing loss. Therefore, novel treatment options are required.

We are cooperating with more than 45 ENT clinics and doctors offering participation in a clinical trial with the novel compound AC102. In this trial this novel compound will be compared to standard steroids treatment. AC102 showed in preclinical models that it improves hearing after damage. Sensory cells in the ear that are receiving the sound signals are protected from dying and these cells are reconnected to nerves which are transmitting the sound signal to the brain. The novel drug was well tolerated by healthy people.

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