At the start of the Phase II clinical trial, AudioCure Pharma GmbH will provide their newest insights on the mode of action of lead candidate AC102 at the 2nd Summit in Boston from 20-23 June 2022.

AC102 is AudioCure’s clinical Phase I tested lead candidate for causal treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL). Prof. Hans Rommelspacher is invited to present the latest insights on the mode of action of AC102 under the headline “Novel Treatment to Target Acute Sensorineural Hearing Loss”. “If AC102 also proves effective in patients as it did in preclinical models, it will close a major treatment gap for acute hearing loss,” said Prof. Rommelspacher, who is very much looking forward to the opportunity to share AudioCure’s key findings with the leaders in the field at the summit.

Furthermore, AudioCure CEO Reimar Schlingensiepen will moderate an expert panel discussion about “Overcoming Drug Delivery & Administration Challenges in Otology”. He will also debate challenges and solutions in the development of novel therapies with other leaders in the field during the workshop “Mind The Gap: Calling Out the Shortfalls in the Current Inner Ear Therapeutic Development Pathway and Illuminating Solutions.” Schlingensiepen said, “It will be a great pleasure to help shed light on the most important questions of otological drug development. We are all eager to advance the entire otic field in order to develop treatments for indications including hearing loss and tinnitus. The Inner Ear Therapeutics Summit provides the ideal setting in which to do this.”

In preclinical models, AC102 almost completely restores noise induced hearing loss by preventing apoptosis of sensory cells and restoring synaptic integrity. As another key feature, AC102 penetrates well into the structures of the inner ear, allowing it to exert its therapeutic effects even in deep regions of the cochlea.

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