Scientific Advisors

Prof. Stefan Plontke, MD

Prof. Plontke has worked in the field of preclinical and clinical hearing research for over 15 years. After gaining his professorship in 2009, Prof. Plontke became Head of the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany in 2010. Previously, he was a senior clinician at the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat at the Eberhard Karls University Hospital in Tübingen and Head of Department at the Tübingen Hearing Research Centre where his research focused on the local application of drugs to the inner ear and inner ear pharmacokinetics.

Prof. Elizabeth Tietz

Prof. Tietz was Professor Emerita of Physiology & Pharmacology and Neurosciences at the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University in Toledo, Ohio. Her research program focused on the synaptic mechanisms of benzodiazepine tolerance and physical dependence. Prof. Tietz studied Psychology at the University of Illinois and Biopsychology at Wayne State University, Detroit. She directed the College of Medicine Neurosciences Graduate Program. She also served on the Society for Neurosciences Program Committee. Throughout her career she served as a regular scientific reviewer for the National Institutes of Health among other US and international review groups.

Dr. Christoph Enzensperger, PD

Dr. Christoph Enzensperger studied Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry in Regensburg and obtained his PhD in Jena in design and synthesis of potential antipsychotic and neuroprotective compounds. After his Postdoc at the University of Cambridge (UK), he taught Medicinal Chemistry drug design and pharmacology at the University of Jena. He then joined a start up, specialized in targeted nanomedicine. Dr. Enzensperger is a member of different European scientific research networks. For AudioCure he focusses on new drugs, polymorphs and salts.

Dr. Ulrich Traugott

Dr. Ulrich Traugott graduated in chemistry and medicine at Heidelberg university where he then worked as a post-doc in immunology. He then joined Knoll AG as a project manager and team leader being responsible for phase I – III clinical trials in the US and Canada. He then joined Roche clinical development for all Genentech trials. For Glaxo he worked as a medical director being responsible for product innovations and market launches. He is co-founder of AudioCure.