A specialized formulation and application provide targeted drug delivery

The inner ear is very well protected. Not only is it hidden away in the temporal bone but it is also separated from the systemic (blood) system by the blood labyrinth barrier. This barrier prevents systemically taken drugs (e.g. tablets taken by mouth) from reaching the inner ear in dose levels sufficient to have a therapeutic effect. Therefore, to reach therapeutic levels in the inner ear, a systemic drug would have to be given at a very high dose, possibly leading to adverse side effects.

To avoid this, drugs can be delivered topically to the middle ear via intratympanic administration. This is a routine outpatient procedure for ENT specialists during which the drug is applied into the middle ear. From there, the drug can then diffuse across the so-called round window membrane into the inner ear.

Benefits of AudioCure’s gel formulation:

  • No requirement for repeated applications
  • Drug is delivered directly to the round window membrane, quickly arriving at the targeted cells
  • Minimal systemic exposure

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